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Ivoclar Tetric Evoflow Bulk Fill

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Highly efficient, flowable 4-mm bulk-fill composite for posterior restorations
High Performance Posterior Flowable

Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill features opacity shifting technology and the new Ivocerin® light-initiator for the high-performance dentin replacement material you’ve been looking for!

Self-Adapting Technology - Adaption to the margin is the number one feature dentists are looking for in a posterior flowable liner. Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill adapts to the preparation and provides a level base to place the subsequent composite to complete the restoration. Dentin-like Opacity - Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill adds another patented technology by becoming more opaque during the curing process. The cured material will end up at <10% translucency which matches the value of natural dentin, making this a true dentin shaded material. Your posterior restorations will not only be more efficient but also more esthetic.

Ivocerin - Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill contains Ivocerin, a patented light initiator that is more reactive to curing lights allowing increments up to 4mm to cure in just 10 seconds. Other bulk fill flowables require up to three curing cycles. Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill increases efficiency not only because you can place fewer layers of composite, but also because it can cure faster.
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